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I’m aN EDUCATOR, Mother, and charity organizer


My Passions

Christina Rubicco is the founder of Anna and Jack's Treehouse with locations in New Rochelle, Pelham and Norwalk Connecticut.

My family drove my passion to build the first Anna & Jack’s Treehouse and that same passion continues to motivate me to making a positive change for the families of AJ’s Treehouse.

When you come to any of The Treehouse locations, you become a part of our family.

Christina Rubicco, Founder of Anna & Jacks Treehouse has a passion for Education and it shows in her 3 early learning care facilities.

My passion for educating children started when I was 14 and I followed my dreams.

With a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Iona College and a Master of Arts in Literacy in Education and 10 years experience as a Kindergarten teacher, education is my life.

Christina Rubicco, founder of AJ's Treehouse with locations in Westchester and Norwalk has a passion for building a presence for her daycare facilities in local communities.

Anna and Jack’s Treehouse success came from the passionate support from our New Rochelle community near our first daycare facility

I realized the impact of working with other local community members to build a better future for our families.

Community has become our passion and philanthropy.


News & Content

Christina Rubicco is a B.S. graduate of Early Childhood and Elementary Education and an M.A. graduate of Literacy in Education. A passionate and hands-on mother of four and a former kindergarten teacher, she worked with her husband and built Anna and Jack's Treehouse. Our new Rochelle Daycare, Pelham Children’s Center, Norwalk Daycare, and future expansion prove The Treehouse’s success.
Christina Rubicco is the owner of Anna and Jack’s Treehouse and a proud member of the community. Before establishing the Treehouse daycare, she was a kindergarten teacher for over eight years. At Iona College, she earned her MA degree in Literacy in Education. Our passionate teachers at New Rochelle Day Nursery offer an enjoyable and holistic learning environment.

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Christina Rubicco finished a master's degree in Literacy in Education at Iona College. She worked as a kindergarten teacher for almost 10 years. Committed to providing premium daycares in Norwalk, CT, and surrounding cities, she established Anna and Jack’s Treehouse with her husband. A 40 Under 40 and Women of Excellence award winner, she has made our children’s daycare fun and learning-focused.
Christina Rubicco is the woman behind Anna and Jack’s Treehouse. She built the Treehouse with her husband, Rob, to offer an exciting and effective learning environment for both our students and teachers. For almost a decade, she worked as an NYC kindergarten teacher. Now, she has managed to expand the Treehouse family through Norwalk Daycare, New Rochelle Daycare, and Pelham Children’s Center.

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Where to Find Me

Visit an Anna and Jack’s Treehouse location near you to get a glimpse into what makes our early learning facilities and daycare so unique.

Visit Anna & Jack's Treehouse daycare facilities and early childhood education centers in Norwalk, New Rochelle and Pelham
Anna Jacks Treehouse in New Rochelle is the original daycare facility opened by Christina and Rob Rubicco and is the pride and of of the company.
AJ's Treehouse in Pelham NY is the second daycare facility opened by Christina Rubicco to offer early childhood education to the community of Pelham.
Looking for daycare facilities in Norwalk, CT? Anna and Jack's Treehouse has a third location in Norwalk, CT and is taking new enrollments!


About Christina

Christina Rubicco always wanted to become a teacher and a mom. That’s why she secured an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Literacy in Education at Iona College. She then served at a childcare facility and became an NYC teacher for more than eight years. 
With enough experience in child care and fondness for children, she and her husband started The Treehouse daycare in the basement of their home in New Rochelle. It’s now known as Anna and Jack’s Treehouse, based on the names of their first daughter and son. Now, parents can choose from our New Rochelle Day Nursery, Norwalk Daycare, and Pelham Children’s Center. 

The Treehouse Daycare and Treehouse Preschools have the latest facilities and most creative spaces to ensure children from six weeks to five years old have the best learning experience. Our Treehouse families are expected to further grow as Christina and all our friendly teachers hone more children’s social, reading, and writing skills. 

Like the daycare’s core values, Christina has also shined as a Women of Excellence and 40 Under 40 award winner granted to her by the New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce. She has indeed turned every dream and goals into a reality, with new plans for expanding early childhood education in the greater Westchester County area and Southern Connecticut.


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